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Values and Guidelines of the

Sambodha Mandira e. V.

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Do no harm to yourself or your environment. Be aware of your actions and treat yourself, your fellow human beings, animals and nature with respect, compassion and acceptance.


Carry out your actions and duties without expectation. When you give effortlessly, you enter the natural stream of abundance and and a state of receptivity.

Meditation And Spiritual Development

The Sambodha-Mandira e.V. is committed to meditation and spiritual development. You are encouraged to actively do your inner work by looking at and handling your challenges, emotions and ego attachments.

If you find yourself caught in an emotion, acknowledge it and address the situation immediately. Do not put things off until later; meet them the moment they arise. Pay attention to your inner dialogue and what you tell yourself. Look at your own story and let it go.

Life is imperfect, see it for what it is and why it is. If you are looking for a safe place, turn inwards.

Interacting With Each Other

When you perceive something untruthful, silence the wrong. Listen and speak from silence in humility and acceptance.

Do not speak untruthfully, yourself, in order to follow an ego-oriented idea or to gain an advantage.

Truthfulness is one of the many divine qualities that we should all aspire to embody.

See the beauty and strengths in others and stop focusing on the faults.

Speak respectfully and kindly of and to others and do your best to remain non-judgmental. Remember this before you begin an interaction and give others the benefit of the doubt. 

Remember why you are here and show respect, support and mutual appreciation to everyone regardless of age, gender, length of service or personal development.

Everything in this world has a place and purpose.

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