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The Advisory Groups

Im Garten arbeiten
Blue Print

Within the Mandira-Team, we have formed sub-groups for the various subject areas and requirements for our project. You are welcome to get in contact with these groups if you would like to contribute your creative ideas, inspirations and / or your active help.

●  Agriculture/landscaping   Email-contact:


●  Self sustainable building   Email-contact:

●  Social structure and community + gastronomy, medicine /health, child care   Email-contact:

●  Public relations (translations, texts, editing)   Email-contact:

●  IT / computer (server network, security)   Email-contact:

●  Property search, project development for specific property   Email-contact:

●  Finance, law, taxes   Email-contact:

Here you will find further possibilities on how you can contribute to bringing our Sambodha Mandira into manifestation.

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